Lady narrates how she found love on Facebook, shares really cute photos

A Nigerian lady, Kerry S Dagin, has joined the list of people whom social media has helped positively, the young lady shared pre-wedding photos as she recounted the romantic story.

Social media is a place that bridges the gap between people from different parts of the world as it brings them closer. Despite the ills that can be perpetrated on the internet, some people find good use for it. It is no longer strange to hear stories of ladies meeting their husbands on social media and this has encouraged the lucky ones to also share their experience.

A pretty young lady, Kerry S Dagin, recently revealed how she met her handsome husband on Facebook. According to her, her intended had sent her a message on the app but she did not see it.

the determined man found a way to chat with Kerry through her business account but she did not respond when she realised the conversation was not about a transaction.

Well, Nanjul was still very determined and reached out to one of Kerry’s friends to help him reach out to her. The young lady finally noticed Nanjul and after a few dates, their friendship started. It eventually grew into a relationship and is soon to lead to their wedding set to hold in November 2019.

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