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Napoleon Foreign Policy And Balance Of Power Truncation In Europe And Africa

It could be ascertained that the Napoleonic local policy was tremendous,not only to the revolutionary but the people of France in general.
The foreign policy of Napoleon on the other hand was the opposite of its local policy which was a policy dominated by wars against European countries for different interest.

The Napoleonic foreign policy truncated the balance of power that had been asserted by the Westphalia treaty of 1648.

Napoleon's interest in imperialism made Britain the greatest enemy of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon fought with Britain not only in Europe but also challenge the imperial power of the British officials in Africa and other countries. He fought with Britain in 1803,1805 and 1807. Notable was the one which almost led to the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Trafalgar in 1805.
Napoleon also fought with the Austria in the Battle of ULN in October 1805 .Napoleon defeated the Austrian troops and acquires most of her territories. Napoleon foreign policy in Austria was to Expand the territory of France more than the 1790 map before he ascended the throne of France and Napoleon was at first successful and even brutally acquired Austrian lands.

His foreign policy in Russia was to declare France the super power in Europe as Russia was surging during that time, He defeated Russia in the battle of friend land in 1807 and signed the treaty of Tilsit which acclaimed some of Russian territories to France.
Napoleon conquered Prussia and the German states became vassal states to France and they conquered territories by Napoleon were made to be paying tribute to the French Authority controlling by his family members and of course,those states recognized French suzerainty on their territories except the obstinate enemy, Britain.
In conclusion, Napoleon foreign policy truncated the balance of power in Europe by his love for war and over-political ambition to become the super power in Europe which later led to his fall.

Napoleon Death

The big powers Austria, Russia, Prussia And Great Britain formed coalition when they could not bear Napoleon's wicked foreign policy and defeated Napoleon after the fourth trail in 1814,He was sent to Elba but escaped and later sent to Helena,where he died in 1821. Napoleon foreign policy was dominated by wars of conquest.

Written by: Faforiji Tadese
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