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13 Historical Facts About Blacks You Need To Know

Stop thinking white people are superior than us. Did you know that Black people are the most superior in this world. Start discovering the superiority in you & stop undermining yourself,Check out this historical fact about black below and get inspired.

13 Historical facts about blacks you need to;

•The richest person in the history of earth was Mansa Musa from Mali (Black).

•The greatest pop singer was Michael Jackson(Black).

•The greatest footballer was Pele (Black).

•The greatest boxer was Mahumed Ali (Black).

•The greatest and richest golfer is Tiger Woods(Black).

•Greatest female tennis player is Serena Williams (Black).

•Greatest hip hop artist was 2Pac (Black).

•Greatest philosopher was Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr (Black).

•The greatest Reggae artist was Bob Marley(Black).

•Most educated president is Robert Mugabe(Black).

•The greatest President in the world Nelson Madela (black).

•The Man who directed very successfully the USA Space shuttle to moon was called "Arineitwe" a Ugandan born {mukiga} & (Black).

•The Great Surgeon in the world is Ben Carson (Black). 

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